The primary purpose of this site it to share with those who have a desire to stop drinking, one individual A.A. member’s journey/experience (sober since November 17, 1987) of taking the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

“If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it – then you are ready to take certain steps.” Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 58, How It Works

“Studying” the Steps…
“Working” the Steps…
“Reviewing” the Steps…
Not bad things in and of themselves, but not the same as TAKING THEM.

Definition of “Taking”: (verb) to get into one’s hold or possession by voluntary action, to hold, grasp, or grip

“The Only Problem I Ever Really Have Is Separation From God.” (regardless of what said problem may look like)   (from the author of this site)

My sponsor once told me that “Experience is not opinion – therefore not open to debate.  You can debate my opinion all you want to, but you can’t debate my experience because it happened to me.”

Site Last Updated:    1/17/2018

About This Site

This website contains references from various sources (primarily A.A. conference approved literature) but is NOT affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous in any way.  The information shared on this site was compiled through one A.A. member’s experience from all of the sources they’ve used to learn how to take the 12 Steps of A.A.  Many thanks to every source that helped this member recover from a “seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.”


Around Campus

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New Grapevine Publication: Making Amends: Finding a new freedom In this collection of stories from A.A. Grapevine, members write about their experiences with Step Nine of the A.A. program. The book includes chapters on making amends to parents, children, family members, exes, financial institutions, friends and coworkers. These powerful stories illustrate how practicing Step Nine …

New “Safety Card” for A.A. Groups

The General Service Office has developed a new service piece that is now available to the Fellowship upon request. Service material differs from Conference-approved literature in that it has not come about through Conference Advisory Action. Service material reflects A.A. group experience as well as specific and timely information that is subject to change. The …


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