G.S.O. Renovations

Begun in August 2015, construction and renovation of the G.S.O. and Grapevine offices has been completed. Known as the Relocation Project, the renovation addressed existing needs for reconfiguration on the 11th floor and allowed enough office space for the Grapevine to move to the 11th floor from its previous space on the 12th floor. During the period of construction, tours of G.S.O. — and the Friday morning A.A. meeting — were suspended on a temporary basis, though they have now started up again, offering visiting A.A.s an opportunity to walk the hallways and learn more about their service office.

Common spaces were redesigned to accommodate the many business functions performed by G.S.O. The Grapevine gained needed office space to provide for many of the editorial and business functions related to Grapevine and La Viña.

Next time you are in NYC, visit GSO. If it’s on a Friday, join them every Friday morning at 11:00am for a meeting and tour.