One Thing To Remember

In an effort to make our 12 Steps as accessible as possible, I created 12 simple things to help me remember one thing about each Step….

STEP 1:  “Alcohol Isn’t My Problem”

STEP 2:  “The Solution Isn’t Me”

STEP 3:  “Real Action Starts With a Decision”

STEP 4:  “It’s About Causes & Conditions”

STEP 5:  “Others See Us Better Than We Do”

STEP 6:  “Willingness Is The Key”

STEP 7:  “Humility Heals Pain”

STEP 8:  “Cleaning Up the Past Is Just Part Of It”

STEP 9:  “The Action Continues”

STEP 10:  “What a Sober Day Looks Like”

STEP 11:  “Talking & Listening to God”

STEP 12:  “Go Give It Away”