12 Steps Simplified

12 Steps Simplified

12 Steps Simplified

The Twelve Steps Simplified

STEP 1, showed me the paradox where I found I was totally unable to be rid of alcohol until I first admitted my powerlessness over it.

STEP 2, showed me that since I cannot restore myself to sanity, a Higher Power would be necessary to do so.

In STEP 3, I turned my will and my life over to the care of that power.

In STEP 4, I took inventory of those things, which brought me to physical, moral, and spiritual bankruptcy.

In STEP 5, I learned that inventory taken alone wouldn’t be enough.

In STEP 6, I became ready to have those character flaws removed that caused my failure.

In STEP 7, I developed a desire to seek and do God’s will and let my Higher Power remove said character flaws from me.

In STEP 8, I continued housecleaning to remove a lifetime of conflict with myself and those around me.

In STEP 9, I took action on said housecleaning

STEP 10, helps me focus not so much on the wreckage of my past, but to continue daily inventory to remain aware of the wreckage of my present and to take care of it immediately.

In STEP 11, I finally realized that the HP that restored me to sanity in Step 2 was worth knowing much better – so I strengthen my direct contact with it.

And finally, having taken all of these 11 steps, I had a spiritual awakening and it’s in STEP 12 where I finally get to see the “payoff”, the “magnificent reality” of A.A. – carrying the message to the next suffering alcoholic.

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